Nirmata provides a highly scalable and resilient control plane for deploying and managing cloud-native applications.  Nirmata itself is written as a Microservices-style application, and the Nirmata services run in application containers.

Applications deployed and managed using Nirmata run on a customer’s secure cloud resources, whether public or private, with no firewall, network, or security changes required!



Nirmata’s  unique architecture gives customers unprecedented visibility and control of where and how their applications are running, and yet delivers the full value proposition of an application platform.  Customers can take full advantage of unique capabilities offered by their cloud providers, without getting locked into into an additional layer of abstractions.

Customers can define one or more Cloud Providers and organize their resources into pools of identical servers, called Host Groups.  A platform team can then define Resource Selection policies, that define how Applications, Services, Environments and teams can utilize the Host Group’s resources.

Developers can quickly define applications, however complex, by setting up an Application blueprint.  Applications can then be executed in one or more Environments. Developers can also define several policies, like service affinities, scaling and recovery rules, routing rules, gateways rules, etc. that allow them to manage all run-time details of their applications, without being coupled to any underlying infrastructure constructs.

When an application is running, Nirmata can fully manage each application container. Nirmata also provides built-in Service Networking features, such as Service Registration and Discovery, load-balancing, customizable routing,  and URL and DNS gateways.


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