• DevOps and Docker at Scale with Electric Cloud (video)
  • Multi-Cloud Containers For vRealize Automation using Nirmata and SovLabs (video)
  • Accelerating DevOps: Automating Application Lifecycle using Containers (video)
  • Enabling DevOps and Containers on VMware with Nirmata (video)


  • Selecting a Container Image Registry for Production Deployment (slides)
  • Microservices Delivery and Management (slides)
  • Containerizing Traditional Application- Managing Container Security (twistlock/nirmata)
  • Containerizing Traditional Applications (video)
  • Microservices on Azure (slides)
  • What’s Really Different About Microservices (slides)
  • Microservices: What is Missing? (video)
  • Scaling Microservices! (slides)
  • From Monolith To Microservices- Lessons from Google and Ebay (webex video)
  • How Netflix Directs 1/3rd of Internet Traffic (video)
  • Containers, Docker and Microservices: The Terrific Trio (slides)
  • What it takes to make Microservices Work? (webex video)
  • Developing Applications with the Microservices Architecture (slides)
  • Microservices with Adrian Cockroft (webex video)