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Past Meetups

Microservices delivery and management

In this meetup, Neil Gehani from HPE  discusses about ‘Tugbot’, the open source framework that brings containers safely into production and how this simplifies testing for services running in docker containers while standardizing results collected for analytics to continuously improve the quality of software. Haley Tucker from Netflix focuses on how microservice sharding can isolate the impact of outages and enable proper tuning for different use cases.

  • In Cluster Open Source Testing Framework (Slides)

Online Meetup: Containerizing traditional apps – Managing container security

How do you secure traditional applications in containers? Join us, andChenxi Wang from Twistlock, for the second installment of the  “Containerizing traditional apps” series to find out.

In our last session, we covered why its worth containerizing traditional applications, and went through examples of how stateful applications can be containerized. In this installment, based on your feedback, we will focus on container security.

Online Meetup: Containerizing traditional applications

We’ve all heard that containers are great for stateless microservices-style applications. But what about traditional and existing applications? Can they be containerized? And is there any value in containerizing them?

In this meetup, we will discuss the tradeoffs involved in containerizing traditional applications. We will go through the steps to take a monolith tiered application and package it into containers. Once the application is containerized, we will demonstrate how it can be deployed on a single server or multiple servers, and managed across different environments such as development, QA, and production, and on different clouds.

Watch the discussion and the demo!

Microservices on Azure

Lightning talks by microservices startups, followed by a deep-dive on building & operating microservices with Azure Service Fabric and Azure Container Services!

Microservices: what’s Missing…

Adrian Cockcroft, a pioneer in the Microservices field and Technology Fellow at Battery ventures will present his latest work and findings on Microservices!

Scaling Microservices!

In this session we discussed core challenges around scaling, securing, and operating Microservices style applications and hear about emerging solutions to these challenges.

From Monolith to Microservices – Lessons from Google and eBay

Randy Shoup spoke at our meetup group in July but only made it about halfway through his talk, as the session was very engaging and interactive. This time we have scheduled ample time for Randy to deliver his full talk, and for Q&A.

How Netflix Directs 1/3rd of Internet Traffic

Learn how Netflix leverages a Microservices style architecture for streaming video at scale, while maintaining agility!

Containers, Docker, and Microservices: the Terrific Trio

One of the upsides of Microservices is the ability to deploy often,at arbitrary schedules, and independently of other services, instead of requiring synchronized deployments happening on a fixed time.

But to really leverage this advantage, we need fast, efficient, and reliable deployment processes. That’s one of the value propositions of Containers in general, and Docker in particular.

What it Takes to Make Microservices Work

Hear John Wetherill on how Microservices impact application development, and Jim Bugwadia discuss networking patterns for Microservices.

Developing Applications with the Microservices Architecture

The Microservices pattern, which structures an application as a set of small, narrowly focused, independently deployable services, is becoming an increasingly popular way to build cloud-native applications. This approach avoids many of the problems of a monolithic architecture. It simplifies deployment and let’s you create highly scalable and available applications.

Presenter: Chris Richardson, the founder of the original of Cloud Foundry

Microservices with Adrian Cockroft

Adrian Cockcroft, former Netflix architect discusses the Microservices architecture and what it means to be cloud native.