On-demand Webinars

Multi-cloud Containers for vRealize Automation using Nirmata and SovLabs

Enterprises are increasingly adopting application containers (like Docker) to accelerate business agility and enable DevOps. IT teams are looking to enable their development teams, and to extend their existing tools and processes to harness full benefits of application containers.

In this webinar, Jim Bugwadia from Nirmata and Brian Baggett from SovLabs discuss how containers are changing application deployment landscape and demonstrate a unique offering that allows IT teams to drive business agility while retaining full visibility and control using VMware vRealization Automation.

Accelerating DevOps: Automating application lifecycle using containers

All businesses are rapidly going digital, and to remain competitive they need to build, deploy, and operate applications faster and more efficiently. The DevOps movement, along with new technologies like application containersand microservices architecture, is a key enabler of this trend.

In this webinar technology enthusiasts Bernard Golden and Jim Bugwadia will discuss the emerging trends in DevOps for fully automating application deployment and management.

Enabling DevOps and Containers on VMware with Nirmata

Application container technologies such as Docker are being increasingly adopted by developers to accelerate application development. But as IT teams look to support containers across multiple development teams, and across clouds, they are faced with daunting challenges and complexities of building and operating new tooling for each infrastructure and cloud provider.

In this webinar you will learn how Nirmata can ease the adoption of application containers for enterprises, and help automate the deployment, operation, and optimization of containerized applications. The discussion will include a real-world case study of how VMware’s Enterprise IT application team rapidly enabled the best of both worlds – DevOps agility for developers without any additional complexities.