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ElasticSearch on EC2 Spot Instances: Improve Service and Reduce Costs!

ElasticSearch is a popular open source search server that is used for real-time distributed search and analysis of data. When using ElasticSearch for production systems, it should be deployed across multiple servers as a cluster, for the performance, resiliency, and scalability. However, if using public cloud to deploy ElasticSearch, multiple servers means significant additional costs….

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Defining DevOps

 Over the last few years, I’ve spent quite a bit of time learning and discussing DevOps, as well as putting into practice DevOps principles and values. I’ve read several  articles that provide detailed descriptions of what DevOps is, and what DevOps is not. Most of these talk about moving development and operations teams closer together, the cultural changes involved,…

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Cloud native software: Microservices

Introduction In a prior post [1] I described the key characteristics of cloud native applications. The early cloud native applications were developed by the web giants who were building software-as-a-service applications that required massive scale on commodity infrastructure. Over time, these applications have all evolved to a distinct architectural style which is fundamentally different from…

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