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Cloud Native Application Maturity Model

Cloud native applications are built to run optimally on cloud infrastructure. Cloud native application architectures are very different than traditional tiered applications which are designed for a data center.  In this post I will discuss maturity model, from the Open Data Center Alliance (ODCA), for assessing the cloud nativeness of an application. I recently read…

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Service discovery and dynamic request routing with Nirmata

As microservices style architectures are becoming more common, new architectural patterns are emerging. Microservices style applications are highly distributed and dynamic, and a key architectural constraint for microservices applications is elasticity i.e. A microservice must be able to scale, up or down, independently of other services in the same application [1]. As a microservice scales…

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Deploy applications, not containers!

  Its 2015 and Docker continues to build on the momentum it gained last year [1], with huge developer traction and a growing ecosystem. Even large enterprise software vendors have started to embrace Docker and are announcing Docker based solutions, that are likely to accelerate adoption of Docker in enterprises. Some in the press even…

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