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Microservices: Five Architectural Constraints

Microservices is a new software architecture and delivery paradigm, where applications are composed of several small runtime services. The current mainstream approach for software delivery is to build, integrate, and test entire applications as a monolith. This approach requires any software change, however small, to require a full test cycle of the entire application. With…

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Cloud Applications: Migrate or Transform?

Cloud computing is forcing application developers to think differently about application architecture. Just as client side developers faced a huge paradigm shift from desktop to mobile application development, server side developers are experiencing a similar shift as they develop applications for the cloud. Deploying an application that is not architected for cloud (i.e. cloud native)…

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Cloud native software: Microservices

Introduction In a prior post [1] I described the key characteristics of cloud native applications. The early cloud native applications were developed by the web giants who were building software-as-a-service applications that required massive scale on commodity infrastructure. Over time, these applications have all evolved to a distinct architectural style which is fundamentally different from…

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