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Networking Microservices with Cisco Contiv and Nirmata

“In the land of microservices, the network is the king(maker)” — Sudip Chakrabarti, Lightspeed Venture Partners Introduction Microservices style applications are becoming popular as they enable fast delivery. With a microservices-style architecture a single application is decomposed into several components, all communicating over a network. To succeed with Microservices, requires proper management and control of the…

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Microservices Networking with Nirmata and Docker

Nirmata’s mission is to fully automate the operations and management of multi-cloud applications packaged in containers. Docker, the popular application container technology,  has networking features that provide the basic building blocks for an orchestration system to provision and manage multi-host networks for complex applications, without requiring any new overlay protocols or devices. In this post,…

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Docker Host Networking Mode with Nirmata

The default networking mode in Docker is the bridge mode. The bridge mode setting creates a virtual Ethernet bridge device on the Linux host that enables containers to talk to each other, and the host. Docker’s port mappings can then be used to manage external traffic, from the host interface to containers. However, in some…

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