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Comparing Container Image Registries- DockerHub, Amazon EC2, and JFrog Artifactory

Choosing the right image registry that meets all your production requirements is critical to the success of any application development cycle. Any issues with your registry, and the entire development cycle gets disrupted! There are several open source and commercial options available for a container registry. In this post, I will provide a quick overview…

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Selecting a Container Image Registry for Production Use

An image registry is a stateless, highly scalable server side application that stores and lets you distribute container images and therefore an absolute necessity to use¬†containers. While getting started with a registry is fairly easy, you need to identify capabilities necessary to use a registry in production. After all, an image registry is a key…

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Automated deploys with Docker Hub and Nirmata

As companies strive to attain achieve software development agility, they are looking to automate each phase of their software development pipeline. The ultimate goal is to fully automate the deployment of code to production, triggered when a developer checks in a fix or a feature. Companies such as Netflix have built extensive tooling to enable…

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