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Easiest way to leverage EC2 Spot Instances with Docker and Nirmata

Cloud computing accelerates innovation by providing ubiquitous access to computing resources at a click of a button. However enterprises are weary of the costs associated with public cloud, especially as their usage grows. At the same time, public cloud providers like AWS have created multiple cloud resource consumption models to reduce the barrier to adoption…

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Auto-Recovery, Activity Feeds, Host Details and More

Nirmata is pleased to announce new features and improvements to our solution. Our focus has been on resiliency and state management: Service instance auto-recovery Environment activity feed System events in activity feeds Host agent version, docker version & host details. Delete option for specific hosts in a host group. Enhanced pre-validation checks during environment creation….

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Private Cloud Container Orchestration using Nirmata

Private Cloud Container Orchestration using Nirmata Nirmata has full support for private clouds as part of its Microservices Operations and Management solution. In this post, I will provider some insights into the architecture of this functionality, and walk you through the setup in four easy steps. Nirmata users can securely manage VMware and OpenStack clouds…

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