Kubernetes Operations & Management for Enterprises

A complete solution to deploy, operate and optimize Kubernetes applications and clusters at enterprise scale

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Nirmata is a turnkey solution that helps enterprise IT teams operationalize Kubernetes and empower development teams to innovate faster

Operationalize Kubernetes in minutes

Deploy one or more Kubernetes clusters with just a few clicks. Use policies to ensure consistent cluster configuration and be notified in case of any deviation. Onboard existing clusters and gain instant visibility into the cluster resources. Managed add-ons and other cluster components and setup application environments for dev teams.

Deploy complex applications with ease

Quickly model or import applications and deploy them in public or private cloud environments. With just a click, your team can automatically generate new applications complete with policy-compliant Kubernetes manifests tailored for your organization. Seamlessly move containers from dev to test to production without the undifferentiated heavy lifting burden of creating custom scripts or deployment workarounds.

Operate efficiently at enterprise scale

Automatically scale services up or down simply by updating your policy settings in Nirmata. Auto-scale clusters based on metrics or variations in demand. The platform automatically restarts failed services and adds or removes on-demand or spot instances as needed to ensure you always have the capacity required to meet your service level and availability agreements. Plus, update services or rollback to stable versions in minutes without application downtime.

Enforce security and policy compliance

Configure policies for consistent behaviors for applications and access controls for users across all your Kubernetes clusters and application environments. Setup infrastructure policies to automatically inject networking, storage, and security constraints. Detailed audit trails ensure compliance and facilitate security reviews. Use role-based access control to limit access to deployed applications.


Nirmata is extremely easy to use. Check out a video, request a demo, or sign up for a free trial to start managing your containerized cloud applications in minutes!

Nirmata platform is Kubernetes Certified
Nirmata is a Kubernetes Certified Service Provider

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