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Multi-Cluster Management * Any Cloud * Any Application

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Nirmata is a software platform that helps DevOps teams deliver enterprise-grade and cloud-provider agnostic Kubernetes based container management solutions.

Adaptive Application Management

Model, deploy, operate and optimize any application, traditional three-tier or microservices-style architectures! Use Nirmata’s application blueprints to quickly model applications and automatically generate policy-compliant Kubernetes manifests. Integrate Nirmata in your delivery pipeline to enable Push-to-Deploy workflows.

Automated Cluster Management

Easily deploy, operate, and upgrade secure and highly available Kubernetes clusters on any cloud, public or private. Or, discover and monitor your existing clusters. Auto-scale cluster nodes based on metrics, or on-demand.

Enterprise Policies & Governance

Configure policies for consistent behaviors for applications and users, across all your Kubernetes clusters. Setup infrastructure policies to automatically inject networking, storage, and security. Manage role-based access control across clusters and application environments.

Integrated Monitoring & Alarms

Turnkey monitoring and management across all components and clusters facilitates quick troubleshooting and eliminates having to deal with several disparate tools. Continuously monitor applications and infrastructure for changes. Configure alarms and remediation actions based on metrics, states, and conditions to automatically tune application environments.


Nirmata is extremely easy to use. Check out a video, request a demo, or sign up for a free trial to start managing your containerized cloud applications in minutes!

The Nirmata platform is Kubernetes Certified. And, Nirmata is a Kubernetes Certified Service Provider.  

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