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Nirmata enables DevOps agility for enterprise teams

Nirmata provides comprehensive policy-based automation for deploying, operating, and optimizing containerized applications across clouds, via easy-to-use, intuitive interfaces. Nirmata empowers enterprise DevOps teams by fully automating the complex operations and management of application containers. Nirmata provides integrated tools for microservices, continuously monitors the application and infrastructure for changes, and auto-tunes the application based on defined policies.

Architect for Any

With Nirmata, you select any language, database, shared service, cloud provider, or container. Nirmata supports open container technologies. It’s unique architecture helps you retain full visibility and control across your entire stack. Nirmata is designed to be integrated with infrastructure services, allows you to take full advantage of advanced features offered by different cloud providers, without getting locked into an additional layer of abstractions.

Migrate to Microservices

Whether you are starting your journey to microservices, or well on your way, Nirmata can help! Its sophisticated orchestration can easily manage traditional applications, including stateful and clustered applications. For distributed service-oriented applications, Nirmata offers built-in service registration and discovery as well as dynamic version-aware routing and load balancing.

Enable Enterprise DevOps

Nirmata enables separation of concerns across enterprise teams. Enterprise IT Ops can use Nirmata to manage cloud providers and set common policies across multiple teams. Nirmata easily integrates with your existing DevOps tools for source and build management. Enterprise development teams get powerful self-service & API based automation across clouds with built-in audit trails, SLA management, governance and remediation, and more!

Right-size your Cloud Resources

Nirmata is built to manage dynamic applications on dynamic infrastructure. Nirmata’s multi-layer cloud scheduling can automatically scale-up or scale-down resources based on usage and preset policies. These unique features can result in significant cost savings, and even allow running production workloads on market-priced infrastructure, such as AWS spot instances.

Build, Deploy, and Relax!

Nirmata is delivered as a highly scalable, always-on, cloud service and hence eliminates the costs and burden of integrating, operating, and managing several different tools. Nirmata allows you to focus on building your application, and takes care of the undifferentiated heavy lifting needed to continuously monitor and manage your cloud applications.

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Nirmata is extremely easy to use. Check out a video, request a demo, or sign up for a free trial to start managing your containerized cloud applications in minutes!