Deploy, Operate, Optimize

Blueprints for containerized applications, DevOps pipeline

Policy-based orchestration, real-time analytics

Why Nirmata?

Nirmata enables enterprises to deliver a highly scalable, always-on container management platform, built on Kubernetes. Using Nirmata, enterprise teams can fully automate the delivery and management of applications.

As businesses undergo today’s digital transformation, scalable software delivery and management has become a requirement and businesses that deliver value faster win! Over the last few decades, leaders in cloud computing have made significant investments in the rapid and continuous delivery of software, and in managing mission-critical software applications at scale.

Enterprises are rapidly adopting DevOps best practices, along with containers and microservices-style applications for agility, portability, and cost-savings.

At Nirmata, our mission is to empower all enterprises to easily deliver and manage containerized applications across public and private clouds.

Get started fast

Focus on your application, and leave the complex operations of cloud-native applications to Nirmata!

Just onboard your cloud resources and start deploying your applications in minutes!

Ensure application availability and performance by enabling dynamic infrastructure management.

Flexible delivery models

  • Fully managed cloud service
  • Dedicated on-premises installation

Designed for DevOps Teams

Designed to plug seamlessly into your DevOps, CI/CD, and cloud-native efforts.

Role-based access control provides a clear separation of concerns between application and infrastructure or operations teams.

The detailed audit trail provides visibility and tracking of user and application activity

Adapts to your needs

Dynamically provision resources as the application scales.

Increase application uptime by automatically recovering from failures.

Optimize use of expensive cloud resources by shutting down unused capacity.

Integrated Microservices Infrastructure

Built-in service discovery ensures that your services can find each other no matter where they are deployed.

Scale-out, per environment service gateway provides a dedicated entry point to your application and ensures requests are routed to appropriate services.

Integrated monitoring and logging facilitates quick troubleshooting and eliminates having to deal with multiple tools.

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